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No idea how it will do as a cookbook, but I just HAD to pick up Veganomicon: the ultimate vegan cookbook just for the name (well that and the 40% off coupon I had burning a hole in my wallet that had to be used today). Looks interesting.
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Zöe is obviously a domestic cat goddess wanna-be. There are scads of pictures of her helping with laundry and ironing, and there undoubtedly would be ones of her assisting in alpaca fiber prep, hand-carding and attempted spinning, except that: 1. The person who always takes the pictures is the one attempting the above. 2. Ms. Kitty is doing a MUCH better job of fiber-rearranging than the human is (but not in the way the human would prefer).

Time to walk away for a while I think.

Does constant chewing on the end impact the spinning of the shuttle?

There is a definite haze of pink alpaca fuzz all over the dining room. I got the pink stuff for free (from the nice woman who gave me scads of other alpaca and mohair) because someone else had given it to her after a semi-successful attempt at kool-aid dyeing. It's kind of pretty when its all fluffy, at least until it is drooled on.

Score so far today: Zöe 1, Human 0
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Anyone know anyone who could put me up for a night or two in Austin (Thursday July 23rd and Friday, ideally)? There is a conference at UT that I'm interested in attending that Friday, but really don't want to get up early enough to drive from south of Houston to Austin by 8:30 AM. I probably could drive home after it ends at 5, but it would be nice to be able to stay up there and do a little exploring on Saturday and come back then.
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Anyone know anyone in Southern California (or elsewhere who can do something useful) who can help save this woman's adorable cats from being killed just because she is losing her house? They look so sweet, and are all indoor cats and it is heartbreaking to think they are likely to die (bad enough they will lose the person who loves them) for awful economic reasons.
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The science of voodoo: When mind attacks body

First time I've run across the term nocebo, but consider it a good addition to my vocabulary, as it covers a concept I've commented on occasionally.

Makes me wonder just how much harm besides the screamingly obvious the "death fat" scaremonger industry is doing.
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Amusing pagan variant of a burglar having the fear of (a)god put into him (and a first-floor over in the UK is our 2nd floor, IIRC--feel free to correct me if I'm wrong).
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My house made it through fine! The pecan tree and rose bush look a bit battered, but no major limbs off (there are even a few pecans left on one side). The worst wind in my neighborhood did not come from the direction I expected, so my house was mostly sheltered, while some of my neighbors got wind damage. We will need to replace the gate latch--it sacrificed itself gamely and dug into the wood quite deeply, holding the gate shut the whole time. I was quite impressed.

I'm a bit concerned about being able to find gas if they make us go back to work tomorrow, but I have enough for one trip at least and I can't see how they are going to be able to open with no water and no power at many of the campuses and in many of the students' houses. We shall see, I suppose.
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Every time I think I've come to terms with the fact that I'm highly unlikely to still have a house or any of my stuff not in the car, some stray thought about yarn or Halloween shirts or all sorts of weird random shit will cross my mind and remind me of the stuff I've left behind and freaks me out again. So I watch the TV coverage as the damned storm crawls along and this evening is seeming like a lifetime. And everything I see seems to make it highly unlikely that my house will escape without hideous damage at best. The hurricane I'm currently sucking down really isn't helping my mood any and I suspect I'm dragging down the mood of the party. [ profile] tygerr seems to be taking all this much better than I am--his house is in a somewhat better but still vulnerable location, but he only has one story and not my two. Not sure if that will make any difference at all. And his cub has been in phone contact with a friend who is stuck in Seabrook as her parents wouldn't evacuate. I fear this will not end well. Given how allergic I am to mold, even if my house survives with only first floor damage, things will be pretty well unbearable (and I really don't expect that lucky of a result given what I'm seeing). And there is the rather large pecan tree behind my house to worry about falling on stuff as well. *sigh*

I feel like such a loser party-pooper since people keep asking how I'm doing and/or looking worried about me. This makes me feel guilty since we all know there is nothing they can do any more than I can.
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We have arrived in Richardson. I have to take the cats to the vets in a few hours *sigh* (seems to be a evacuation tradition, but luckily for not nearly as horrid a reason--we stopped at my Dad's last night and the cats picked up hitchhikers, courtesy of my Dad's dog (who wasn't even there)).
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Being leery of the hurricane forecasts and the presence of our homes in the storm surge zones of southern Harris County, [ profile] tygerr, his cub, my two cats and I are fleeing to my father's house in Conroe tonight (he's getting someone to dog-sit his cat-hating pooch for tonight) and then joining what will undoubtedly be a huge exodus of folks heading towards Dallas in the morning. [ profile] waterlilly will graciously be hosting our caravan of kitties and humans. So don't expect to see much from us for the next couple of days.
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Some of you undoubtedly already know how much I loathe the whole Noah's Ark story from the Bible (I find much of the Old Testament to be a tale of a cruel, vindictive psychopath and even as a kid I couldn't figure out why anyone would want anything to do with this dude, much less worship him) and some few of you have undoubtedly heard my rant on the obsessive use of Noah's Ark imagery in children's rooms and toys as a form of child abuse (not going to go into it now, but what a creepy, cruel set of images and beliefs to inflict upon some innocent toddler). So you may be surprised to know that I actually had to break down and buy a Noah's Ark craft kit. Or maybe not, after you have a close look at it...

notice a wee problem if one is following along the Noah's Ark arc? )

Someone obviously isn't paying enough attention to the other nasty messages in their guidebook of choice (or was home-schooled and missed out on little things like biology and sex-ed).
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This was in a work newsletter and looked like something some of you might find interesting:

On Friday, October 12, from 10:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m., Ann Bell, a local artist
specializing in teaching the business of art, will present a three-hour
workshop on "Getting Your Art Online." Many students know how
to create websites and put the information out there, but Bell shows
how artists can have a successful web presence, make it work for them,
and protect their imagery and financial dealings in the process. The
presentation will be held at the Stafford Scarcella Center, 10141 Cash
Road, in Room W102.

Students, faculty, staff and the community are invited to this free
event. You will have the opportunity to purchase Ann Bell’s Manual
which she developed on the subject.

Light refreshments will be served.

Ann Bell’s presentation is sponsored by the Southwest College Art
Department and the College Activity Board. For more information,
contact Cynthia Millis via email at
or call 713-718-6913.
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Earthdance 2007 looks like fun--we should be going, it looks like.

Of course, I'm likely to be the only non-scrawny person there *sigh* Hell, that was even true 85 pounds ago hanging out with the Rainbow Tribe folks--amazing how no one gets that vegetarians can actually be fat.
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google rant )
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While it is one of my favorite colors, the description seems rather off compared to my reality:

crayon meme )
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