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Every time I think I've come to terms with the fact that I'm highly unlikely to still have a house or any of my stuff not in the car, some stray thought about yarn or Halloween shirts or all sorts of weird random shit will cross my mind and remind me of the stuff I've left behind and freaks me out again. So I watch the TV coverage as the damned storm crawls along and this evening is seeming like a lifetime. And everything I see seems to make it highly unlikely that my house will escape without hideous damage at best. The hurricane I'm currently sucking down really isn't helping my mood any and I suspect I'm dragging down the mood of the party. [ profile] tygerr seems to be taking all this much better than I am--his house is in a somewhat better but still vulnerable location, but he only has one story and not my two. Not sure if that will make any difference at all. And his cub has been in phone contact with a friend who is stuck in Seabrook as her parents wouldn't evacuate. I fear this will not end well. Given how allergic I am to mold, even if my house survives with only first floor damage, things will be pretty well unbearable (and I really don't expect that lucky of a result given what I'm seeing). And there is the rather large pecan tree behind my house to worry about falling on stuff as well. *sigh*

I feel like such a loser party-pooper since people keep asking how I'm doing and/or looking worried about me. This makes me feel guilty since we all know there is nothing they can do any more than I can.
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