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Zöe is obviously a domestic cat goddess wanna-be. There are scads of pictures of her helping with laundry and ironing, and there undoubtedly would be ones of her assisting in alpaca fiber prep, hand-carding and attempted spinning, except that: 1. The person who always takes the pictures is the one attempting the above. 2. Ms. Kitty is doing a MUCH better job of fiber-rearranging than the human is (but not in the way the human would prefer).

Time to walk away for a while I think.

Does constant chewing on the end impact the spinning of the shuttle?

There is a definite haze of pink alpaca fuzz all over the dining room. I got the pink stuff for free (from the nice woman who gave me scads of other alpaca and mohair) because someone else had given it to her after a semi-successful attempt at kool-aid dyeing. It's kind of pretty when its all fluffy, at least until it is drooled on.

Score so far today: Zöe 1, Human 0

Date: 2009-07-10 11:36 pm (UTC)
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Cats are so helpful, aren't they? My Kali likes to 'help' me strand my DMC floss, and both of them are very good about making sure that all light-colored fabrics stay firmly on the table when I'm sewing.


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